• Strength in Service – Group Therapy

    A Hybrid (In Person and Telehealth synchronously) Therapy Group for Veterans, First Responders struggling with Trauma

    Embarking on a mission of healing, Cornerstone Counseling introduces our group therapy, led by clinical mental health counseling graduate student Marc Fichtner (USAF veteran) and co- facilitated by Courtney Martin, LCSW, this hybrid (in person and tele) therapy group provides a secure space for veterans, first responders, and active duty servicemen and women who are struggling with Trauma.

    Hybrid Therapy Group

    • When:
      • Tuesdays, 7:30 – 8:30 pm
    • Where: In the comfort of our offices in North Palm Beach
      • Cornerstone Counseling of Palm Beach
      • 1201 US Highway 1, Suite 330, North Palm Beach
      • Zoom (for those who can’t get into the office)
    • Cost:
      • Fully covered by the VA with an active referral
      • $60 if private pay
      • Variable depending on Insurance
        • We are In Network with Tri-Care, BCBS, and UMR, as well as most major insurances
    • Facilitators:
      • Marc Fichtner, USAF Veteran
      • Courtney Martin, LCSW

    Do you want to…

    • Break the Chains of Isolation:
      • Experience a supportive community where you and your fellow veterans share similar challenges, fostering a sense of understanding and camaraderie.
    • Reclaim Control Over Your Life:
      • Gain valuable insights and coping strategies from peers who have faced similar battles, empowering you to take charge of your journey to recovery.
    • Forge Genuine Connections:
      • Improve relationships with yourself and others as group therapy provides a safe space to express emotions, fostering trust and understanding.
    • Benefit from Collective Wisdom:
      • Tap into a wealth of collective experiences, perspectives, and coping mechanisms that can broaden your toolkit for managing PTSD symptoms.
    • Receive Empathetic Support:
      • Engage in a non-judgmental environment where empathy and encouragement from fellow veterans and experienced facilitators pave the way for healing.
    • Break Free from Stigma:
      • Overcome the stigma often associated with PTSD by being part of a group that understands and accepts the unique challenges you face.
    • Accelerate Your Healing Journey:
      • Group therapy can often expedite the healing process as shared experiences and mutual support create a dynamic environment for progress.
    • Cultivate Accountability:
      • Benefit from a structured setting that fosters accountability, encouraging consistent attendance and active participation in your path to recovery.

    This open group meets weekly.

    Group therapy is more than a collective session—it’s a transformative space where shared strength becomes a powerful catalyst for healing. Join us in this journey towards renewed well-being.