• Mike Makosiej, EVP of Operations

    Executive Vice President of Operations & Business Development

    Phone: (516) 217-2771


    Mike is used to wearing a lot of hats, and that makes him the perfect EVP of Operations for us at Cornerstone. A space and STEM Historian, Mike focused his PhD on the history of science and technology and their impact on the environment. A professional educator for nearly twenty years, Mike is used to thinking on his feet. Having spent time working for the State Technology Office of Florida, Mike also has a diverse technology skillset. He also has an extensive background in psychology, worked in corporate America, spent time living and working abroad, and volunteers at MacAurther State Park. He also teaches in his spare time at Saint Leo University.

    Whether its protecting and conserving our oceans and natural landscapes, teaching history at university, or running our practice, Mike brings his professionalism, deep knowledge, and skillset to our practice in order to help us continue to serve all of our wonderful patients and help the community at large.