• Justin McManus, LCSW, CSAT, CAP

    Founder, Psychotherapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

    Phone: 561-472-0397


    You want to be free from the shame and guilt of sexual addiction so you can be the man God created you to be. You want to be a better husband, father, or boyfriend and have a healthy and fulfilling life. Have you tried to get help and failed? Are you looking for that fit who understands you and is able to give you the support and tools you want and need to achieve this life?

    I can help you get free from sexual addiction and take your life back.

    After 17 years of working with adults, teens, and families; I have noticed a growing trend of pornography and sexual addiction wreaking havoc on the lives of men, women, teens and even tweens. Pornography and sexual addictions will eventually destroy lives and families.


    The struggle of good men who want to be better husbands and fathers is very real. Over the past several years, I have focused on reaching out to these men and their wives to help them get free from sexual addiction and restore their marriages as well as to help fathers who want to be better examples to their kids.

    Some of my other specialties include adolescent depression, marital problems, substance addiction and healing from anxiety & trauma. In addition, I offer solutions and tools to help with family conflict. If you are just on the brink of starting out in marriage, premarital counseling is a must.

    Hi! My name is Justin and I’m a licensed therapist who specializes in working with Christian/Catholic men and their families. I help them to break free from addictions, create better relationships, and live a more fulfilling life. I am dedicated to providing a warm, accepting environment where children, adults, and families can experience psychological healing through evidence-based psychotherapy rooted in a Christian understanding of human flourishing.

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Addictions Professional in the State of Florida. Additionally, I have obtained a comprehensive Christian certification as a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist. I received my Masters in Social Work from Florida State University in 2001 and have been working in the mental health for over two decades.

    I previously served on the Board of Directors of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association and was Chair of the 2018 National Conference in Orlando. I live in Palm Beach Gardens with my loving wife of nearly twenty years and three amazing children.

    Contact me today by filling out the form below or calling 561-472-0397 and take your first step towards building a better tomorrow.