• Jess Fuentes, M.Ed., RMHCI

    Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

    Phone: 561-472-0397 ext. 717


    You feel alone, or like no one understands what it’s like to go through what you’re going through. No one understands your anxiety or what it truly means to be depressed. Maybe you’re going through a difficult life transition or struggling through a traumatic event and can’t get past or through it. You feel stuck, like you’re trapped in quicksand and can’t seem to escape.

    Often when you feel alone, that’s the first signal that it’s time to get help.

    I can help you change your life and get through the struggles you’re facing. You are not alone.

    Hi! I’m Jess Fuentes. I am a registered intern, working under the supervision of Dr Jaimee Perez, a Licensed Psychologist. I went to Florida Atlantic University (Go Owls!) where I completed my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, where I graduated with Honors. Through a detailed treatment plan, and employing a values-based approach, I can help you identify your goals and move towards them so you can better your life. I also use CBT through an Adlerian lens, which will help you to find the root or core of your struggles and pains so you can learn how to properly cope with them.

    I help my clients break free from their personal struggles, create and foster better relationships, and live a more fulfilling life. Whether you’re a couple looking to deepen your relationship or overcome relational trauma, a student or young adult trying to figure out why things in your life aren’t what you want them to be, or you’re someone who is struggling with anxiety and depression and unable to cope, I am dedicated to providing a warm, accepting environment where you can work through life’s challenges to become a stronger person and experience healing through evidence-based psychotherapy rooted in a Christian understanding of the human person.

    Contact me today by filling out the Contact Us form or calling 561-472-0397 to speak to our intake coordinator, Cess, and take your first step towards building a better tomorrow