• Reducing Your Stress by Creating Margins

    Hi, guys. This is Justin McManus. I’m a licensed therapist and founder of Cornerstone Counseling of Palm Beach. In this video, the first of our series about reducing your stress, I’m going to talk about creating margins in your life.

    Remember how when you were in school, or maybe you’re still in school now, you have to create margins on the page when writing a paper, right? You have to have some blank space there. Otherwise, if you fill it with words from one side to the other, whoever’s reading it is going to get a headache and stop reading.

    Yet, this is what we do in our lives sometimes. We fill our days from the morning to the evening with busy activity. We get stressed out, we get burned out and we end up accomplishing very little. Essentially, we’re spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.

    So, what we need to do is to stop and to create those margins in your life. Create that space. Make an appointment with yourself and spend some time in silence, prayer and meditation. Grab an inspirational book and take some time to read and feed your mind. Take a walk or grab a notebook or a journal and start writing down your dreams, your thoughts, and your feelings. Make sure to take some time to really invest in yourself and the rewards will be tremendous when you do that on a consistent basis.

    The first strategy in our series for reducing your stress is to create margins in your life. So, for all of us here at Cornerstone Counseling of Palm Beach, I hope this first step will help you to build a better tomorrow.

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