• Resolutions & Renewal: 2021, Here We Come!

    We made it! It’s finally here! 2020 is over, and 2021 has begun. It’s hard to imagine a more difficult year in recent memory. Children had to figure out how to do school virtually, and so did teachers and parents for that matter. Lockdowns, working from home, masks, and more became the norm. Our language even changed. Think about it: this time last year, did you Zoom? Could you even have imagined using telehealth to communicate with your doctors? So much has changed this year, and reflecting on that might feel burdensome, anxiety-ridden, or scary. The pandemic has affected everyone on a very real level, and for some, that might even include grieving over lost loved ones. The toll of 2020 looms large, and that can make the idea of a New Year’s Resolution seem like a burden.

    As it is a new year, it’s also a time where we start to think about the dreaded ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. I think it’s important to reflect on that word a bit, because it’s really easy not to. We often think of a resolution as something we’re going to commit to do throughout the year. That could mean joining a gym or making an online dating profile. But what exactly does it mean to make a resolution? In the field of physics, a resolution implies clarity and quality of audio or an image. Have you ever thought about New Year’s resolutions the way you might think of the resolution on your phone or TV? We often think of a resolution as a firm commitment to act, but that firm commitment often requires clarity, and that clarity requires thoughtful introspection. Rather than make a rash impulsive decision and trusting that to guide you through the new year, this year, try seeking clarity before you resolve to make a change.


    One way to do that is to change your attitudes about things. Resolutions, these firm decisions we make, often fail because we lack clarity or true commitment. Remember: every day is a new year. Every day is an opportunity to resolve to change; every day is a chance to re-commit ourselves. It’s okay to struggle and it’s even okay to fail. There won’t be another January 2nd for another 365 days. It’s easy to give up after falling, but with firm resolve, we can get back up and start anew again. Our path will often involve struggles and pains, but that’s what sharpens the edges and makes us stronger.

    What matters most is that 2021 can be a time of new beginnings. If you’re feeling down, or like there’s just too much to fix, rest assured there’s hope. If you need help figuring out ways to work through your troubles, know that we’re here for you. One of our experienced staff can help facilitate and guide you through your introspection, so you can embrace the new year, shed the past, and begin anew. We offer in-person or tele-health appointments, so rest assured we can help. And remember, just like with that 4K TV, clarity is what can lead to greater, firmer resolution.



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