• New Offerings from the Cornerstone

    Here at Cornerstone Counseling, we’ve been actively working to provide the community with the best possible Mental Health care in the area. We believe in the power of therapy in transforming lives! That’s why we’re excited to be offering group therapy to help provide in-depth care for issues that often are more nuanced and require a support system.

    Starting in July, we’re offering the following group therapy options:

    Men of integrity Group Therapy

    More men are affected by this type of addiction than ever before. Because of the ease of access to pornography, combined with a lack of healthy decisions, pornography can have an incredibly destructive effect on relationships. Just like with sex addiction, porn encourages objectification of others and avoids true intimacy in relationships. It is not only self-serving, but it hurts our relationships as it changes the way we think about other people and creates a wound of betrayal for the partner. We’re offering telehealth group therapy on Saturday mornings and in-person group therapy on Thursday evenings.

    You can check out our information page, or to register, click here.

    Codependancy Group Therapy

    Enabling behavior and co-dependency are often difficult concepts to separate. Codependency is a difficult challenge for relationships. Popular definitions are often vague, so it concepts to separate. Codependency is a difficult challenge can be difficult to know what a codependent relationship is, much less how to fix it. Distinguishing between Enabling Behavior and Codependency is described well in the old parable: It is better to teach someone how to fish rather than give them fish. Our focus throughout this group therapy will be on helping you break the bad habits of codependancy to help you form strong relationships.

    For more information, head to our info page, or to register, click here.

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