• Group Therapy: 7 Powerful Benefits for You

    *7* Reasons for You to Take Advantage of the Extreme Transformational Power of Group Therapy

     After 15 years working in the field of counseling, I have discovered that there is an amazing power to transform your life through group therapy.  Here are the top seven reasons for you to take advantage of the transformational benefits of group therapy.

    Reason #1. Make Powerful Connections.One of the greatest benefits of group therapy is knowing that you are not alone in your struggles. Group therapy has the power to reduce your sense of isolation and loneliness. Repeatedly, clients have told me how thankful and relieved they are to know that others experience similar struggles and are overcoming them one-step at a time.

    Reason #2. Get a New Perspective from Others. So often, I see the light bulb go off for clients as they listen to new feedback and perspectives from other group members. When you see things from a new and different perspective, things can shift in a positive direction and you can try something new. Once you are taking new actions you can expect to experience new and improved results in your life.

    Reason #3. Tap into the Collective Wisdom of the Group I believe that when you come together with like-minded people to heal and transform your lives for the better, each of you brings unique life experiences and wisdom that benefits the other group members. You have the opportunity to learn from the experiences, learning, and wisdom of each member of the group. This collective wisdom adds up to something more powerful than working through life’s challenges on your own.

    Reason #4. Be Empowered to Move Forward.  Another powerful benefit of group is hearing about other group members’ challenges and successes. This will increase your belief to overcome your own challenges and obstacles in life. It is so encouraging to know that others like you have experienced a positive transformation in their life and overcome things that they never thought possible. This means you can too.

    Reason #5. Improve Your Relationship Skills. Through the positive interactions and feedback you will receive in group therapy, you can learn and practice new relationship skills. All of us have grown up in dysfunctional families of one kind or another and that means we have learned or developed some unhealthy relational habits.  In group therapy, you will unlearn those dysfunctional habits and replace them with healthier and more effective social skills so you can experience more fulfilling relationships.

    Reason #6.  Learn to Give and Receive Support from Others. Emotionally connecting to others is one of our deepest needs. As you practice giving and receiving support from the other group members, you can learn how to develop deeper, more intimate relationships with others. This will lead to more joy, peace, and fulfillment in your life when you implement these skills in all of your relationships.

    Reason #7.  Group Accelerates the Healing Process. I truly believe that one of the most powerful benefits of group therapy is that it accelerates your emotional growth and healing exponentially. There is something miraculous about sincere, committed individuals coming together to share their healing journey.

    I am excited to share with you these amazing benefits of group therapy. Here at Cornerstone Counseling we are offering some phenomenal group therapy programs to assist you with recovery from addictions, learning how to be set free through forgiveness, and overcoming depression and anxiety.


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