Child & Adolescent Therapy

Have you noticed changes in your child or teens mood? Are they withdrawn, staying in their room with the door closed all the time? Perhaps, they are angry and acting out. We often forget that our kids can suffer from mental health problems too. In fact, depression among teens is very common. The stress and pressure on them in school, sports and home becomes overwhelming. The expectations from family and their failure to “measure up” can become a wall they just can’t get over. It’s important to pay attention and make sure they get help. The Mental Health America (MHA) states the rate of suicide has tripled since 1960. THAT is not good.

Our Adolescents need our help!

These signs and the list below are hints they may be struggling. It’s important to recognize these signs and be proactive about them..Meeting with an experienced adolescent therapist can make a significant difference in preventing and resolving mental health challenges they are struggling with.

Some signs that your child or teen may need counseling include:

  • Excessive worry of fear
  • Overreact to minor things
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Refusing to go to school
  • Drop in grades
  • Problems with Authority
  • Feeling sad or blue most days
  • Excessive irritability or anger, beyond normal teen mood swings
  • Loss of interest in a previous favorite hobby or activity
  • Sudden change in friends or avoidance of social activities
  • Problems concentrating or learning in school
  • Changes in sleeping or eating habits

Often teens will withdrawal because they don’t want to talk to “mom or dad”. It could also be the communicate within them is strained and they feel distant.

Check in with your child or teen and let them know there is help, and you want to provide the tools to help them. Let them know they have a safe place where they can share and be understood about what is going on without being judged.

If your child or teen experiences one or more of these signs, you may benefit from meeting with one of our therapists to help them get back on track again. Our team provides a safe place and have many years of experience working with adolescents.  Make the call today to schedule the first appointment. You can email us through the contact page or call 562-472-0397.


* Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash