Addiction Therapy

Tom has struggled for the last 10 years with addictions. He has tried AA off and on and gone to support groups through his community and church. His family has been supportive and even tried to help with accountability, all to “fail” as Tom would once again “fall of the wagon” and go back to the addiction.

He was frustrated, feeling like he would never be able to get control of his addictions. Tom truly desires to get sober and free from the chains. But it’s hard and sometimes he feels like completely give up. But Tom has yet to get individual counseling and recently decided this was the next step and possibly his last hope.


Does this sound familiar? Are you struggling with an addiction or even several?

Addictive and compulsive behaviors can wreak havoc in your life. This disease can involve many different substances and behaviors including drug/alcohol use, sex & porn addiction, compulsive eating, and many others. Often these addictive disorders stem from deeper challenges relating to yourself, others, and God. Together we will work towards resolving the underlying problems that fuel your addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Learning to understand why you may struggle with addictive behaviors and why there is a constant relapse is a very important step. This often helps to create the foundation in which successful treatment and recovery take place.

Here are a few types of addiction therapy can help with*

Substance Addiction

If you are currently in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, individual therapy can often help to solidify your recovery and heal past wounds of trauma that can possibly be the root cause of your struggle with addiction.

Even if you have never been to rehab, AA meetings or any type of support group, individual counseling can have a big and positive effect on your recovery. We will work on a plan based on you and the individual needs that will give you the tools and support for success.

Sex & Pornography Addiction

One of our specialties is working with men who struggle with addictive and compulsive sexual behaviors, including pornography. More men and women are affected by this type of addiction than ever before. The accessibility of pornography on the internet and lack of healthy decisions has a negative and destructive effect on the relationships in their lives.

In addition, our teens and tweens have been impacted due to the non-filtered internet access. As parents, we should be closely monitoring their time and access to the internet and what sites adolescents are able to view.

Through individual, group, and marital counseling, you and your spouse can find healing for this destructive addiction.

Give us a call today to find out how we can help you overcome addictions in your life.

*The addictions listed above is not a limited list


Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash