• Codependancy Group Therapy

    Beginning July 10, 2021, Cornerstone Counseling will now be offering a codependancy group therapy on Saturday mornings, from 10:00am  – 11:30am. Facilitated by Mary Stanley, MSW, MCAP, this group therapy meeting is designed to help you deal with issues of codependancy.

    The Details:

    • When: Saturdays from 10am to 11:30am
    • Where: 8995 N Military Trail, Suite 300E, Palm Beach Gardens, 33410
    • Cost: $50 / Session
    • Facilitator: Mary Stanley, MSW, MCAP

    Have you struggled with…

    • Lack of trust?
    • Anger?
    • Weak boundaries?
    • Poor communication?
    • Control issues?,
    • Loved one suffering from an addiction?Do you want to…
    • Learn how to Set Healthy Boundaries
    • Learn Detaching with Love
    • Gain Self Worth
    • Learn controlling does not work and healthy ways to get your needs met
    • Gain Trust and Self Care

    If you answered YES to any of these, then this group is for you! But you have to act fast because there are only *8* spots available and they will FILL UP fast!

    Enabling behavior and codependancy are often difficult concepts to separate. Codependancy is a difficult challenge for relationships. Popular definitions are often vague, so it concepts to separate. Codependancy is a difficult challenge can be difficult to know what a co-dependent relationship is, much less how to fix it. Distinguishing between Enabling Behavior and Codependancy is described well in the old parable: It is better to teach someone how to fish rather than give them fish. Actually, teaching someone to fish who is not interested in learning is not healthy, but codependant, whereas helping someone learn to fish who is interested in learning and where both partners are willing to participate, enables the fishing student to learn to fish without harming the fishing teacher. This parable demonstrates the positive aspect of enabling and co-dependent behavior.

    Click here to sign up for more information or to get added to our Codependancy Therapy Group. When you sign up, you’ll also receive a free gift that will help you begin your journey towards freedom from pornography and sex addiction.