4 Marriage Secrets to Have Long-Lasting Love

*4* Secret Weapons to Eliminate the Deadly Threats to Your Marriage Now and Have the Long-Lasting Love that You Want   Secret Weapon #1.  Surrender Your Addictions and Bad Habits. (Threat: Selfishness) We all have bad habits. Sometimes these habits become addictions and create havoc in the life of you and your loved ones. Problems […]

*8* Super Simple Secrets to Replace Your Stress with Joyful Energy

Simple Secret #1 –Create Margins in Your Life. Remember how when writing papers for school your teacher would tell you to set your margins correctly. Setting the margins to the correct width made the paper easy to read. If the paper was filled from one end to the other with words, you would get a […]

Do I Need Counseling?

Every day millions of people search online for help with their problems, wondering if it’s finally time to reach out for direction and support to handle sadness, depression, anxiety, stress, fights with their partner or spouse, and family issues, among others. Here are some of the questions and mistaken beliefs we encounter as therapists every […]

Family Internet Safety Plan


Is your family safe online? Do you have a plan to keep you and your family safe online? I believe many people underestimate the dangers their children may be exposed to online. Did you know that 9 out of 10 boys and 6 out of 10 girls are exposed to pornography before the age of […]

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

It seems like I often find myself talking to client’s about forgiveness and its power to heal. Many of the people I work with have been hurt in different ways and are holding on to anger and resentments that are not serving them well anymore. They also seem to have a misunderstanding about what it […]

Cultivating the Virtue of Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches, I can’t help thinking about the importance of gratitude in our everyday lives. New research is even showing how the practice of gratitude changes the brain, improves sleep, and relieves depression & anxiety. So, we now have scientific evidence to back up traditional wisdom. Check out this article about the research on […]

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome! Hello and welcome to my new blog! I am a family therapist who is passionate about helping children, adults, and families to discover and develop their hidden strengths and resources so they can become better versions of themselves. I have a special interest in working with those who struggle with past traumas and addictions. […]